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Created 21-Jan-19
24 photos

'Winter Morning in Amesbury' - Amesbury, MA'Seawall Serenity' - Acadia National Park, Maine'Winter Carnival at the Mall' - Newburyport, MA'Please Don't Eat the Daisies' - Newburyport, MA'Morning Mist' - Lake Elmore, Vermont'Blue Moon' - Newburyport, MA'Early Morning Shadows' - Plum Island, MA'Lemon Blueberry Cake' - Southport, Maine'Autumn Afternoon in Cabot' - Cabot, Vermont'Classic Maine' - Southport, Maine'Splendid Sunrise' - Newburyport, MA'Winter at Lowell's Boat Shop' - Amesbury, MA'Lucious Lobster from Lubec' - Lubec, Maine'Fish House' - Somewhere in Maine'Dusk at Lowelll's Boat Shop' - Amesbury, MA'Sugar Shack' - Somewhere in Vermont'Lunch' - Lake Elmore, Vermont'Sunrise Over the Bridge' - Newburyport, MA

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