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Created 15-Mar-16
21 photos

A majority of my photos are horizontal so this month I thought I would do something different and highlight some of my favorite vertical photos - Enjoy!
'Over the Rocks' - Amesbury, MA'Sunrise on the Yacht' - Newburyport, MA'Winter Morning at the Pink House' - Plum Island, MA'Tufted Titmouse''Among the Trees' - Maudslay State Park - Newburyport, MA'Early Morning on the Merrimack' - Newburyport, MA'Tons of Tulips!' - Newburyport, MA'Blue Evening' - Bar Harbor, Maine'Mission Oak Grill at Dusk' - Newburyport, MA'Autumn Falls' - Granville, Vermont'Three Amigos' - Newbury, MA'Blue Sunrise' - Ogunquit, Maine'Pink Raindrops''Pemaquid Point Light Reflections' - Bristol, Maine'Winter Night at Holy Family' - Amesbury, MA'Winter Waterfall' - Powow River- Amesbury, MA'Orange Tree' - Newburyport, MA'Reflections of a Dory' - Lowell's Boat Shop - Amesbury, MA'Sunflower and Bee in Blue' - Newbury, MA'Untitled' - Newburyport, MA

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