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Created 25-Jun-17
25 photos

'Sunburst Over the Merrimack' - Newburyport, MA'Peach Colored Rose''Moon in Blue' - Newburyport, MA'Ocean View' - Ocean City, NJ'Blueberry Cake' - Southport, Maine'Red Steering Wheel''Dawn of a New Day' - Newburyport, MA'Pretty in Pink 2' - Plum Island, MA'Rainbow Falls' - Plymouth, NH'The Colors of Sunrise' - Newburyport, MA'Incredible Iris' - Newburyport, MA'Sunrise Over the Captain's Wheel' - Newburyport, MA'Winter Day at Maudslay' - Maudslay State Park - Newburyport, MA'Thorn''Sunset Over the Merrimack' - Newburyport, MA'Sunflower at Sunrise' - Colby Farm - Newbury, MA'Fishhouse' - Somewhere in Maine'Sunrise Rocks!' - Newburyport, MA'God Bless America!' - Newburyport MA'Pemaquid Point Light Reflections' - Bristol, Maine

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