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Created 31-Dec-15
15 photos

2015 has been an amazing year photography wise and I wanted to share my favorite photos! From snow showers to sunflowers, to lighthouse towers, here are my 15 favorites for 2015.
'Winter Morning at Lowell's Boat Shop' - Amesbury, MA'Winter Waterfall' - Powow River - Amesbury, MA'Winter Day at Maudslay' - Maudslay State Park - Newburyport,MA'Tufted Titmouse''Mellow Yellow' (Black Eyed Susan)'Cloudy Sunrise' - Ocean City, NJ'Dory in the Clouds' - Lowell's Boat Shop - Amesbury, MA'Among the Lily Pads' - Patten's Pond - Amesbury, MA'Standing Pretty at Sunrise'/'Blue Heron at Sunrise' - Chain Bridge - Amesbury, MA'Sunflower Fields Forever' - Colby Farm - Newbury, MA'Pemaquid Point Light Reflections' - Pemaquid Point - Bristol, Maine'On the Rocks ' - Powow River - Amesbury, MA"Moon in the Trees" - Newburyport, MA'Path to the Pink House' - Plum Island, MA'Frozen Leaves' - Amesbury, MA

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