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Created 23-May-16
23 photos

June 1, 2016

I've been so busy recently that I haven't had time to create a new gallery until now. This gallery has a little of everything from flowers to food to seascapes. Most of these photos are fairly recent. Thanks for taking a look!
'Black Eyed Susan''Heron at Sunrise' - Amesbury, MA'Baby Hootie' - Maudslay State Park - Newburyport, MA'Early Morning at Oldies' - Newburyport, MA'Pretty in Pink 2' - Pink House - Newburyport, MA'Birthday Cupcakes''Autumn Falls' - Granville, Vermont'Sailboat at Sunrise'- Newburyport, MA'Fall Leaf' - Newburyport, MA'Twenty five tulips' - Newburyport, MA'Twins' - Lowell's Boat Shop - Amesbury, MA'Looking Up' - Maudslay State Park - Newburyport, MA'Moon in Blue' - Newburyport, MA'Cloudy Sunrise' - Ocean City, NJ'Over the Rocks' - Amesbury, MA'Good Morning El Galeon!' - Newburyport, MA'Wicked Waves' - Plum Island, MA'Pemaquid Point Light Reflections'  - Bristol, Maine'Green Jewels' - Newburyport, MARound and Round - El Galeon - Newburyport, MA

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